Your Credit Score
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Getting quotes will not effect your credit score!
Does shopping for insurance quotes affect your credit score?

The answer is no! A credit inquiry for a car, boat, motorcycle and other vehicle types of insurance quotes will not affect your credit score!

Shopping online with us for insurance quotes is one of the the fastest and easiest ways to find rates.

Many insurance companies do check credit scores when determining insurance rates. It is true that 3 big credit rating companies have been known to use inquiries towards your credit report to impact your credit score. Those queries that affect your credit score are queries for obtaining credit NOT insurance quote inquiries that review your credit  Some may or may not use credit as a portion of your insurance score. When our insurance agents pull up your credit report to find your credit score, it results in an “inquiry” or soft pull on your credit. 

NOTE: The Big 3 credit bureaus usually recognize when you are shopping for insurance and either ignore multiple inquiries or count them as only one inquiry if they occur within a specific period of time.

Soft pull vs. Hard pull: When it comes to credit checks, there are two types of inquiries: “hard pulls” and “soft pulls.” 

A soft pull is an inquiry that will review your credit score, much like an agent would to determine an insurance quote. Soft pulls are not usually recorded on your credit report. If they are, the insurance company's name will be listed on your credit report, but the inquiry will not lower your credit score.

A hard pull refers to credit inquiries for acquiring credit, like a new house or car loan from a credit card company or a lender. The company's request to obtain your credit-based insurance score will be considered a “Hard inquiry or hard pull”. This means you will see the lenders company name listed on your credit report, inquiries from credit card companies, banks and other lenders may be considered “hard inquiries” and could influence your credit score.

So do not hesitate to go online and seek multiple insurance quotes in your quest to find more affordable insurance. Start saving today!